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Trezor Hardware Wallet: Top-tier security for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ensuring your funds are always safe and accessible.

Yes, you can store multiple types of cryptocurrencies on a Trezor hardware wallet, with two categories of support:

  • Native support: Trezor Suite, the official Trezor application, directly manages a good number of cryptocurrencies. Trezor Model T supports 16, Model One supports 13, and Safe 3 supports 11 native coins. Additionally, all Trezor models natively support tokens built on the Ethereum (ERC-20) and Solana (SPL) blockchains.

  • Third-party wallet integration: For cryptocurrencies not directly supported by Trezor Suite, you can use third-party wallet applications like Electrum or MetaMask in conjunction with your Trezor. These wallets can interact with your Trezor device to sign transactions for the unsupported cryptocurrencies.

Here are some resources for more information on Trezor's cryptocurrency support:

  • Trezor's supported coins and tokens list: [trezor supported coins ON]

  • Information on multiple accounts in Trezor Suite: [trezor multiple accounts ON]

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